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St. Croix possess many traits that are highly desirable to the modern shepherd. Remarkable parasite resistance and excellent lamb production. They can breed year round and can produce 3 sets of lambs every two years. Prolificacy rates of 212% have been reported. Lambs reach puberty at 6 months old and typically deliver twins or triplets after the first lambing. The are able to handle harsh conditions and low-grade forages.

St. Croix have the genetic potential to produce a sizeable sheep. Ewes can weigh 150 lbs while rams reach weights of 200 lbs. The size of the sheep depends primarily on how well it is fed. On lush grass and good quality hay, St Croix sheep fill out to their full genetic potential.

St. Croix are built to tolerate heat. Fat deposits are internalized to keep them cool on hot summer days. Their body temperature is 1.8 degrees F lower than that of other sheep breeds. This makes them an ideal breed for the southern tier states in the US. Though well suited for hot weather, many of our members keep St. Croix in Canada and the upper Midwest. They grow a thick winter coat in the fall that sheds off in spring. With the appropriate shelter, St. Croix thrive in colder climates.

Characteristics of St. Croix: the Easy Care Sheep

St. Croix sheep are an attractive, hardy, medium-sized, polled (hornless), white hair sheep.

The Hair Coat:
Their hair coat is smooth in summer and thicker with mixed hair and downy undercoat in winter. They naturally shed their coat and never require shearing.
Size of St. Croix:
Mature rams sport a lion-like mane that may fall down to the knees. Mature rams weigh up to 200 lbs and ewes up to 150 lbs. Birth weights for twins average 7 lbs.
St Croix sheep are active and vigorous without any tendency to be wild.
Parasite Resistance:
They demonstrate greater resistance to internal parasites than do both wool sheep and most other hair sheep breeds.
The ewes can breed back one month after lambing, and ewes can produce two lamb crops per year. Ewes usually bear twins, with some singles, frequent triplets, and occasional quadruplets; lambing rates vary from 150-200%.
St. Croix Meat:
Carcass composition of St Croix is similar to that of Rambouillet, but the St Croix have a 23% higher carcass yield due to smaller bone and less fat. The meat is tender with a mild flavor. As an unimproved breed, the St Croix has slower growth rates than many meat breeds, which have been selected for rapid growth and large body size. St Croix are an ideal size, however, for many ethnic markets.